Getting to The Core of Who You Are

Within the past decade, the field of coaching has exploded. It seems like there are life coaches for every niche you can imagine. Now, there is even a new genre of coaching, Deep Coaching. Roxanne Howe Murphy, Ed.D, founder of the Deep Coaching Institute developed this innovate way to coach. The Deep Coaching model integrates the use of the Enneagram Personality Mapping system along with present- based coaching techniques that enable individuals to make profound changes in their lives.

The Enneagram Personality Mapping System explores nine different personality types and how each type unconsciously begins to become constricted in their personality structure. An inner conviction of this is who I am then begins to develop. It is this false identification that creates so many of life’s struggles and challenges. Ultimately, the individual’s true nature begins to elude them.
According to Howe- Murphy, Ed.D, “The experience of this is who I am means that your self-concepts, ideas, feelings, behaviors, qualities, reactions, fears, defenses, discomforts become unquestioned. They feel like who you really are, as if they’re a reflection of the authentic self. They are not.”

Deep Coaching enables you to develop a more expansive understanding of who you are and assists you with reconnecting to your authentic self. Through a presence- based approach to coaching, you learn how to live consciously versus unconsciously. Living from this perspective, you awaken to who you are and break free from your limiting story line and let go of constrictive patterns of thoughts and behaviors. The end result is you becoming more expansive in your personality and your potential for personal growth.

For example, an Enneagram Type Two’s worldview is based on how they can be of service to others. Although this is an admirable trait, most of the Two’s energy is placed of doing for others and people pleasing. Eventually, if a Type Two doesn’t learn how to meet their own needs they will become burnt out and resentful. During Deep Coaching sessions, a Type Two would begin to explore how they could begin to identity what their needs, wants and desires are and to learn to say No to things they do not want to do. Awakening to this side of themselves can create profound internal changes and lessen the constrictive pattern of always having the need to be needed and to do for others in order to feel loved or worthy.

Deep Coaching is a transformational model of coaching that the Pathway Process incorporates to address the deeper realm of why you think and behave the way that you do. Once this awareness is brought to the surface, profound changes can be made. As the term implies, Deep Coaching truly enables you to dig deep within and reconnect to the core of who you are. Experience this innovative model of coaching at Path Seekers Life Coaching!

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