Let Go Of Your Story

Slide #24Within each of us lays our story, the one that defines us. It may be a sorrowful tale of how you’ve been the victim of a dysfunctional family, a devastating financial loss, a debilitating injury or a deception by a loved one.This painful emotional current can flow deep within and last a lifetime.

It begins to become a part of you. Throughout your life, you share this tale with others. Each time you recount it, it manifests larger and larger festering inside of you. Before you know it, you’ve let this story color your life.

Within all of us is the capacity to write a new story for ourselves. Roxanne Howe-Muphy, Ed.D, founder of the Deep Coaching Institute has developed the “Inner Story Process”. It is a discovery tool to bring to light the story we carry about ourselves.  Using this process you will be able to:

  1. Identify emotional,  behavioral and somatic cues that alert you to when your story is activated
  2. Learn how to begin to interrupt the cycle of your story
  3. Adopt new patterns of thoughts and behaviors to detach from your story

How to Detach From Your Story

  1. What is a recurrent story line that keep on tripping you up or is troubling you?
  2. What is the first indication that you are in your story?
  3. What do you tell yourself when you find yourself in your story?
  4. What are you feeling when you tell yourself your story?
  5. What sensations do you notice in your body?
  6. Where is your focus of attention?
  7. How are you behaving?
  8. What are the consequences of engaging in your story?
  9. Then what happens?
  10. How could you interrupt the story?
  11. What name could you give your story?

Practice using this process and you will truly be able to transform your life. If you need additional support, I would welcome the opportunity to explore the “Inner Story Process” with you.

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