Release Trauma, Fears and Worry am pleased to announce that I have been certified in an innovative technique known as the Rewind Technique. This technique can help you put traumatic incidents, fears or excessive worry behind you so that you can begin to live the life you have dreamed of.

The Rewind technique is so effective because the traumatic memory or the incident that is creating fear or excessive worry is re-processed and re-encoded in the brain. This re-encoding stops the automatic triggering of the fight or flight response whenever the memory is accessed. This is what causes your heart to race , your palms to sweat, your pupils to dilate, the butterflies in your stomach just thinking of the traumatic memory or what created your fears and worry.

The Rewind Technique works very simply to ‘unhook’ the emotional experience from the actual event, enabling the brain to recode the information, freeing you from the suffering that you have been enduring.

How is this Done?
A hypnotic trance is induced and you are then asked to recall or imagine a place where you feel totally safe and at ease. This relaxed state is then deepened and then you are asked to imagine that in this safe place you have a TV set, a video player and a remote control.

You are then asked to imagine yourself watching the TV screen, without actually seeing the picture, enabling you to create a significant emotional distance.

You’ll then watch yourself watching a video of the traumatic event or the incident that created fear or excessive worry. The video starts where the incident occurred and finishes at the point at which it ended and when you felt safe again.

You are then asked to imagine pressing the remote control rewind button, enabling you to see yourself traveling very quickly back through the incident from safe point to safe point. You’ll then watch the same images but with your fingers pressed firmly on the fast forward button.

This process is repeated at a speed controlled by you for as many times as needed until the emotional response is no longer present. Make a commitment to yourself and contact me for a free consultation regarding the rewind technique. It will truly transform your life!

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