Saying No: An Essential Step to Become Empowered

It is easy to say no when there is a greater yes.  Saying no is key to your staying on track and on purpose.” – Stephen Covey

A fundamental premise of coaching is that human beings have the ability to make choices in life. When you interpret someone else’s request or need as a demand, you mistakenly believe you have no choice but to say yes.  When you say “yes” to the demands of others, you’re really saying “no” to yourself.  Ultimately, if you continue to engage in this behavior you will probably end up resenting the person that has made this demand on you and feel angry at yourself for saying yes when you really wanted to say no. The end result will be emotional and physical burnout which will prevent you from living the life you long for.

As a woman, if you are serious about creating the life you truly want to live, it is imperative that you start creating boundaries with people. One of the first steps in creating boundaries is learning to say no. Remind yourself that by saying no you create space and time for you so that you have the energy to create what you really want for yourself.  Ask yourself this question. By saying yes to others’ demands, how am I saying no to myself? The next step is to turn these no’s into yeses.

To help you move into this new frame of thinking, download the Things I Say Yes To I look forward to hearing how you have begun to say yes to the things that enrich your life.

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