The Tyranny Of The Shoulds

blue woman
As women, many of us live our lives dictated by the tyranny of the should. Below is a satiric essay written by renowned psychotherapist Karen Horney.

A woman should be honest, generous, considerate, dignified, courageous, unselfishness. She should be the perfect daughter, mother, friend, lover, wife, and teacher. She should be able to endure everything, should like everybody and should do what they ask of her. She should never feel hurt, she should never be angry and she should always be serene and unruffled. She should never be tired or fall ill… She should be able to do things in one hour which can only be done in two or three hours.

What are your shoulds if life? How do these shoulds create undue stress in your life? What shoulds are you willing to give up?

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