Using the Enneagram For Personal Transformation


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”  The Enneagram allows us the remarkable ability to see ourselves clearly, perhaps for the first time in our life.”

~Roxanne Howe-Murrphy, Ed.D

Image seeing the car in front of you run a red light and smash into an oncoming car.  Within seconds there is a flurry of activity. You quickly call 911 and jump out of your car to see what you can do to help, a man rushes from his car and begins to direct traffic, a young woman springs into action and finds a blanket to cover the hurt driver, another person stands on the corner and sobs uncontrollably.

All of these individual are displaying their different personality types.  There is a powerful and dynamic system, called the Enneagram, (pronounced any-a-gram) that can help you to understand yourself and others. It accurately describes nine distinct and fundamentally different personality styles, each of which has its own pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting.

The Enneagram personality system shows you what:

  • Motivates you
  • Drives your self-defeating patterns that cause you so much difficulty and pain
  • Your shining gifts
  • Causes your relationships to flourish or flounder
  • The transformational path of personal development for your personality type

Each type has their own filter on how they see the world and relate to others.  No type is better than another type. With dedication to personal growth, each type can begin to reach the highest level of their development and become less constricted by their personality type.

The Enneagram system helps you recognize your capacity for change and evolution.  Step into curiosity about your personality type and transform your life! The Pathway Process of coaching can help you do this though the use of the Enneagram Personality Mapping System.


Can you see yourself in any of these nine personality types?


Type Traits
1 Are self-disciplined, conscientious, and principled. They strive to live up to their high ideals. They can be judgmental, controlling, critical and perfectionist.
2 Areexpressive, loving and giving, and sensitive to other people’s needs. They can also be needy, martyrs, prone to flatter and be co-dependant.
3 Measure themselves by external achievement and the roles that they play. They are focused and goal oriented. They can also be competitive, narcissistic and false. 
4 Are sensitive, creative, intuitive and perspective. They may be artistic and inspiring or temperamental, self absorbed and negative.  
5 Are knowledgeable and analytical. They may be wise, open-minded and insightful or detached, abstract, anti-social, even eccentric.
6 Are responsible, trustworthy, and loyal to family, friends and causes. They can also be anxious, indecisive, over cautious and reactive.  
7 Are energetic, lively, adventurous and optimistic. They can also be superficial, unreliable, escapist and self-centered.  
8 Are direct, self-confident, powerful, and protective. They seek control over their environment and can also be domineering, arrogant, aggressive and explosive.
9 Are accommodating, good-natured, and supportive. They seek harmony with others and the world around them and yet can also be stubborn, lazy, non-responsive and overly complacent


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